There are dozens of coffee-related Kickstarter campaigns at any moment in time, but few are able to stick out in memorable ways and create a stir. GINA, the new coffee brewer by Goat Story, is one of these stand-out brewers.

In my opinion, it’s THE stand-out brewer.

In the time it’s taken to write this blog (about 30 minutes), the GINA has secured over $1,500 $2,500 in Kickstarter funding. The goal of $50,000 has been accomplished on the first day! Watch the video. You’ll see why.

The GINA smart-brewer is a multi-functional coffee device that can achieve pour over, immersion, and cold drip brewing. I am aware of very few brewers that can perform more than one style of brewing effectively, let alone three.

The device incorporates a digital scale into the base. This feature takes the guessing out of coffee and water ratios and makes it easy to brew great, balanced coffee every time. A dedicated app offers brewing guides and a way to take notes on your coffee experiences.

GINA is more than a brewer, she is an experience. Her quality materials, multi-functional features, and striking design maker her a powerful rival to all other coffee brewers.


I often wonder what my ideal home coffee brewer would look like and how it would function.

  • It would brew coffee via immersion, pour over, and cold brew methods.
  • It would be easy to clean.
  • It would look beautiful.
  • It would eliminate the need for many extra accessories (scale, timer, ect).
  • It would last a lifetime.

There’s no longer any need to wonder. I believe GINA is that brewer. If I were to start my coffee equipment arsenal from scratch, I would buy a grinder, a kettle, and the Gina. Nothing else would be necessary.

You can back GINA on Kickstarter and get your own brewer for $145 (super early bird price). Make sure to check out the Kickstarter campaign to see all of GINA’s beauty.