Coffee innovation has soared over the last few years. Groundbreaking grinders, all-in-one brewers, and coffees from new origins came to the US specialty market this year. Picking the right Christmas gift among so many incredible products can be difficult, so I’ve written this guide to give you a deep look into some excellent product choices, and some wacky ones too.

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2016 Holiday Gift Guide

Here are my top picks for coffee gifts this year. Some of them are brand new, some of them I’ve only recently become acquainted with. All of them are sure to make some special coffee lover happy.

Pocket Change – $0 to $35

Madesco Cold Brew Pouches – Make cold brew the easy way with these cloth pouches. They make cleanup a breeze and produce a rich flavor and clean body.

Goat Mug – Goat Story’s travel mug is odd looking, but it’s 100% leakproof, comes in a variety of colors and materials, and easy to strap on for travel.

Kuissential EvenGrind – I’ve used this hand grinder many times and am confident it’s one of the best out there (and cheapest). Check out my review.

Angel’s Cup – This is my absolute favorite coffee subscription service. There’s none like it. It’ll make you a better taster of coffee and expose you to many of the best roasters in the world. I cannot suggest this coffee subscription enough!

Sudden Coffee – Though I haven’t had the pleasure of trying Sudden Coffee myself, many of my coffee professional peers have praised it for being instant coffee that’s actually very tasty. I’m curious about it – are you?

Bialetti Mini Express – This mini mokapot has been on my radar for a while. It’s small, cute and can brew a very concentrated form of coffee that can be used in mixed drinks or as faux-espresso. I do not currently own a mokapot, but this is the one I have my eye on.

Stick To The Budget – $36 to $120

It’s American Press – I have really enjoyed using my own It’s American Press the last couple months. It’s durable, simple, and brews a killer cup. Read my full review and guide.

Stagg Pour Over Kettle – The kettle from Stagg is durable, counterbalanced, and has a thermometer on the lid. It’s a comfortable kettle to pour with and is beautiful to behold.

Kruve Grind Sift System – Uniform coffee grounds are essential for balanced, rich coffee. Most coffee grinders struggle to achieve uniform grounds, sadly. This series of sieves enables anyone to filter their grounds to achieve that uniformity that grinders cannot.

Bellman Milk Steamer – Cappuccinos and hot chocolate at home. My wife and I love our Bellman Milk Steamer. It’s brought us many moments of caffeinated joy. It’s not the easiest milk steamer to use, but you can achieve professional-quality milk with it with some practice.

Cold Bruer – Drip cold brew for the masses! This home brewer is easy to use and produces rich and crisp cold brew coffee.

Budget Breakers – $121 to $300

Baratza Sette – Rave reviews and a groundbreaking design set Baratza’s Sette coffee grinder apart. Excellent for brewed coffee and espresso, this could be the last grinder you ever have to buy.

Kitchenaid Precision Press – I’ve taken my Precision Press on many trips. It has a built-in scale and timer, which reduces the amount of gear I need for great coffee. This would be a good one for a newcomer to home coffee brewing. Read my review.

What Have We Done – $301+

Opti-Pure Water Filtration System – Water is a major player in coffee taste, and it’s a variable that is very difficult to improve. This filtration system takes everything out of the water, and then puts a little bit back for perfect coffee water. Most coffee shops use this system. I know you want it.

Linea Mini Espresso Machine – Make home espresso with a nearly-commercial machine. It’ll put a dent in your wallet, but you’ll be able to rely on it to caffeinate you with delicious espresso drinks.

Hottop Coffee Roaster – Roast your own coffee with this tabletop coffee roaster. It’s a fun hobby, and many people save money on coffee by roasting their own green beans. It’s also difficult to achieve a balanced, flavorful roast. Are you up to the challenge?

Well, there you have it: my picks for gifts in 2016.

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