If you’re a social media addict, like most of humanity, you’re probably on Instagram a good portion of the day. We all tend to get tired of the countless selfies, pets, and clouds that plague every member’s feed, so I’ve compiled a list of the eight best coffee Instagram accounts you need to follow.

1. KaffeLab

These guys are not only connoisseurs of coffee, but photography as well. Each picture is crafted with style and purpose. Definitely an A+ Instagram account.

2. Coffeestation_latteart

This man in Tel Aviv, Israel is an incredible latte artists. Many of his more recent posts are of him pouring milk into espresso to create beautiful images. It’s cool to see the drinks come to life.

3. Stumptowncoffee

Stumptown is one of America’s specialty coffee giants and is accredited for being one of the early pioneers of specialty coffee. They now have shops all over the western coast of the US.

4. Acoffeeeveryday

The is the personal account of Aron Tzimas, a barista, blogger, and designer in San Francisco. Since he creates beauty in images as a profession, his Instagram is prett cool.

5. Baristaparlor

Barista Parlor is a prestigious shop in a gorgeous are of Nashville, Tennessee. This Instagram includes a lot of culture with the coffee, since Nashville is the musical capital of the western world.

6. Counterculturecoffee

Counter Culture Coffee is a brand devoted to spreading the good news of great coffee to the world. Many of their great pictures of them doing just that.

7. Coavacoffee

Coava Coffee is a top-notch roaster and shop in Portland, Oregon with an Instagram of champions. It is a business that takes much pride in its incredible name for hospitality and craft.

8. Palacecoffee

Palace Coffee is a shop located in Canyon, Texas. If this Instagram doesn’t transform you into a classy being, nothing will.

If you follow these incredible coffee Instagrams, your feed will never be bland or boring again. You may even find yourself taking better pictures than before because you now have a clear example of what an excellent Instagram is. Like always, share this post so your friends can have incredible feeds as well!

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